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Study Guide Exam 2 com 240 part 3 - doesn’t need it...

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Culture (Chapter 5) Artifacts: some thing you can see that reflects culture. Deal and Kennedy’s aspects Values: beliefs / vision Heroes: Individual who exemplify the values Rites/Rituals: ceremonies through witch organ celebrate values Cultural Network: Communication system through which values are instituted or enforced. Peters and Waterman’s aspects Bias for Action: Quick, but thoughtful reaction (without much planning) Close Relations to the Customer : Company keeps up with the trends, and knows the needs of the customers Entrepreneurship : encourage employees to take risks with new ideas (innovation) Ex : Comcast employees / post notes Productivity through People : Positive/respectful relationships among management and employees Ex : People want to be treated well and feel respected at the work Stick to the Knitting: Stay focused on what they do best and avoid radical diversification Ex: Google makes searching engine Simple Form/Lean Staff: Avoid complex structures/divisions of labor. Don’t add manager if the company
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Unformatted text preview: doesn’t need it. Don’t be excessive in terms of the number of people need to get the job done. Cultures are emergent: change over times; cultures are socially created through interactions Ex: MSU seniors were thrown into the red cedar river as a rite of passage; we could never do this today Cultures are not unitary: there are many subcultures, there is no way to define culture Ex: Marching band drum line is culture all on its own compare to the rest of the band Ex: Student calling professor first name in the ComArts while calling Dr. xyz in the Business College ANGEL: Starbuck’s article. Many Find an Office’s Culture Is More Than Dress-Shirt Deep article, Disney Approach to managing (look under Week 8) Marketing Yourself to Employers ANGEL: Look under Week 6, Resumes and Cover Letters…specifically: How to Win the Resume Battle, Resumes Come under Closer Scrutiny, Companies Boosting Resumes Checks....
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