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Janelle Jee Tuesday 10am IDENTIFY : 1. Cohesion, Solidarity, and Integration 2. Boundary Maintenance/Definition 3. Social Change 4. Full Employment APPLY : 1. The cohesion of people who follow the same (specific) criteria/laws/standards/rules, form a community that is developed after finding a common cultural and geographical space. There is a separation of the community dividing them into either following society, or being deviant. The boundaries of defining what is considered to be "deviant" or not are controlled by the community as a whole by experiences and different types of trials. When people do not conform to a certain standard, they will be labeled as a deviant. Hot Stuff coffee shop has done something deviant by going against laws by using cocaine as an ingredient in their recipes. "They" have committed a disruptance in "our" way of life which becomes an "us vs. them" pretense. 2. Boundary maintenance is the system that controls the shifting of what is considered a
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