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deviance9.11 - Doctors C Rhetoric persuasive speech has to...

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CONSTRUCTING DEVIANCE MORAL ENTREPRENEURIAL CAMPAIGN - Rule creators - Lobby groups, Interest groups, Pressure groups - Rule enforcers - Police, Administrators - Stage 1: Awareness - we need to be aware of the deviance going on (for example the child abuse in Japan) A. Danger Messages (identity theft, drugs, tobacco, strangers) B. Testimonial of Experts : getting the advice of experts
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Unformatted text preview: - Doctors C. Rhetoric : persuasive speech, has to do with language and how we use it (for a persuasive argument)- Statistics- Dramatic case examples (Amber Alert)- New syndromes (ADD, PDSD) Stage 2: Moral Conversion A. Visibility need to try to get the information/messages out to people. (Internet, media, protest) B. Endorsement of Opinion Leaders (famous people)...
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