30 - talk to other drug dealers peter law enforcement(how...

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recidivism - creating the crime over and over again (because you're labeled) Chapter 14: Researching Dealers and Smugglers, Adler 5 Elements of Drug Dealing Research 1. Getting In - gained acceptance into the community, had a personal biography that allow her to get in 2. The Covert Role  - undercover (secretive), gaining acceptance in the community, approaching people, basically becoming part of the community without anyone knowing she was a sociologist. wasn't active in all the aspect of it (selling) 3. Developing Trust  - reciprocity, making friends, doing favors 4. Overt Role  - out in the open, was in the covert role long enough that she felt that she became close enough to them to come out and tell them. lots of risk 5. Cross-Checking  - 3 Ways to Cross-Check A . Test information against common sense and general  knowledge of the scene - knew the drug scene, used her common sense, (knew things about the drugs) B . Check information against a variety of reliable sources. 
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Unformatted text preview: - talk to other drug dealers, peter, law enforcement (how much is it legal to have) C . Check out accounts against hard facts.- if someone had told her they got caught somewhere she could look at hard facts in newspapaer and stuff to enforce Chapter 5: Social Power: Conflict Theory of Crime; Quinney 6 Dimensions of the Conflict Theory of Crime: This the social power view of how definitions of deviance are constructed: what kind of view of society does it imply? 1. the official definition of crime -crime is a definition of human conduct 2. formulating definitions of crime 3. applying definitions of crime 4. how behavior patterns develop in relation to definitions of crime 5. constructing an ideology of crime 6. constructing the social reality of crime - a composite of all the definitions [#1 a definition, #6 the composite; #s 2-5 the body of the theory]...
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30 - talk to other drug dealers peter law enforcement(how...

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