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10/2/2008 1 Review Last Lecture: cooliris General Advice for Students Why do so few people make significant contributions? What is the difference between those who have impact and those who don’t? One factor is expectations One factor is expectations If you think you can’t almost certainly you won’t Ever done your absolute best in a course Prepare Yourself The time to start is now Do what you love and love what you do Don’t worry about how intrinsically smart you are or anyone else is To do significant things you have to neglect other things Be careful about your commitments but when you commit really do it Take time to think important thoughts Refuse to let the urgent drive out the important Be careful about who you spend time with
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10/2/2008 2 Class Wiki: cogsci120.wetpaint.com Maintain Personal Page on Wiki Goal Reflect on lectures, textbook and related Grading 4 points: exceptional, goes beyond the lecture and textbook, and related issues Encourage writing Requirements At least one entry by Sunday evening each week. Encourage more. Date each entry beyond the lecture and textbook, interesting connections between ideas covered in course 3 points: strong evidence of careful reading and thought about readings and lecture material 2 points: evidence you read and tho ght abo t the Date each entry. Entries in reverse chronological order. Most recent entry at the top. Looking for evidence you have engaged with the material. and thought about the material 1 point: off topic; not clear you read and thought about the material 0 points: no entry
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