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Study Guide Exam 3 com 240 review

Study Guide Exam 3 com 240 review - Encounter State(person...

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Assimilations/ Socialization Learning about different types of jobs/fields as well as specific companies We start to learn about different types of jobs when we are very your 1. Conversations with others 2. Media (shows, reports, ext.) 3. Marketing effort, product use 4. Recruiting efforts (job shadowing, internship, family, friends, books, TV.) Getting info. About Jobs Inside sources- those with the “inside” Juice/info Outside sources- more formal source, company generated Realistic job Previews- getting a realistic preview of the job o What does realistic mean? Theory of Met expectations Unmet Low Newcomers Expectations Satisfaction more likely to quit If important expectations are not met, there is a greater likelihood for low satisfaction, which increases the likelihood of newcomers quitting the job. Anticipatory stage (person perspective) Prior to entering a career or an organization, w start to learn about what is means… o To be in particular field or hold particular job.
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Unformatted text preview: Encounter State (person perspective) • Once you enter the Organization 1. Making sense of organization o Process, culture, resources, structure 2. Let go of old roles / values, adopt new Metamorphosis Stage (person perspective) • Organizational “Insider” • Promotions, job transfers, organizational changes my bring on more socialization. From the Company perspective • Ask o What do we want to achieve with the new hire and his or her experience? o What impression do we want to make? • Anticipatory • Encounter (On Boarding) • Metamorphosis How might an organization socialize new employees? o How formal will it be? o Individually or with other new employees? o What info and when? o With role modeling / mentors? o How much can employees be themselves or do they need to take on a new identity? o How will organization know if employees are socialized? o...
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Study Guide Exam 3 com 240 review - Encounter State(person...

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