Lab Info - EAS 2600 Lab Fall 2008 Earth Processes...

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EAS 2600 Lab Fall 2008: Earth Processes Laboratory Information for Students Required Laboratory Material: There is an official lab manual for this course that is required to complete the lab portion of this course. This manual is available for purchase in the bookstore. Bring it to lab with you. You will detach the relevant lab from the booklet write your name and lab section on it and turn in to your TA. A couple of the labs are not in the lab manual but will be posted on the class t-square site or emailed to you. Course Requirements: Each student will be expected to complete all of the exercises listed in the course schedule. The work to be completed during each laboratory session will be specified by the instructor. Normally, the work is completed and turned in to the TA during the scheduled laboratory periods. Cooperative work groups are permitted with discussion encouraged. However, each student will submit a separate report in his or her own words. COPYING OTHER STUDENTS' WORK DOES NOT ASSIST
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This note was uploaded on 10/22/2008 for the course EAS 2600 taught by Professor Ingalls during the Fall '08 term at Georgia Tech.

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Lab Info - EAS 2600 Lab Fall 2008 Earth Processes...

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