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Study Guide – Exam 3 – Com 240, Fall 2007 This exam is worth 40 points (about 20-25 questions). All exam questions are multiple choices. There will be questions concerning definitions of concepts, application of concepts, as well as relating concepts to one another. Questions will be drawn from material presented in lectures and book chapters. The following list of topics is a guide for studying: Assimilation/Socialization (Chapter 7) Realistic job previews, inside and outside sources Inside sources - (tells you Pros and Cons) those with the “inside” juice/info Outside sources - (only Good) more formal source, company generated Realistic Job Previews – getting a realistic preview of the job (inside sources) Theory of Met Expectations Unmet  Low  Newcomers Expectations           satisfaction 
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Unformatted text preview: more likely to quit If important expectations are not met, there is a greater Likelihood for low satisfaction, which increases the Likelihood of newcomer’s quitting the job Phases of socialization • Anticipatory: Prior to entering a career or an organization, we start to learn about what it means to be in particular field or hold particular job • Encounter: Once you enter the organization… • Making sense of organization •-Processes, culture, resources, structure •-Let go of old roles/values, adopt new • Metamorphosis: Organizational “insider” • Promotions, job transfers, organizational changes may bring on more socialization *Anticipatory - Encounter – Metamorphosis – Encounter - metamorphosis...
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