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Emotion/Stress in the Workplace (Chapter 11) Symptoms of burnout Emotional exhaustion: (tier) Workers feel fatigued, frustrated, used up, or unable to face another day Depersonalization: workers who must communicate interpersonally with others, develop a poor opinion of them, expecting the worst form them, and even actively disliking them. Decreased personal accomplishment: (I don’t know how I am get things done) workers who see themselves as failures, incapable of effectively accomplish job requirements. Communication as a cause of burnout Communication overload
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Unformatted text preview: : Too much to do, too much information. Communication underload : not enough to do, you fill cut out of work. Problem-focused coping: Budget time, Problem oriented. Emotion-focused coping: Just making you feel better. Guest Speakers Bob Fish – presentation on Beaner’s Coffee (Biggby Coffee) -- PPT slides not available Howard Weyers, Presentation on Weyco’s no smoking policy – PPT slide available on Angel Reminder – the final exam is Wednesday, Dec. 12 th from 3:00 – 5:00 in Comm. Arts 147. Please bring a #2 pencil to the final....
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