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Topic 3. Molecular structure and assembly Ch. 2, 3 What is pH? What are some biological consequences of lower/raising the pH in cells and compartments? Generalities of macromolecular synthesis: monomers, energy input, water removal, polymer formation. Review basics building units required in the biosynthesis of macromolecules Carbohydrates, lipids, nuclei acids, and proteins. Protein structure: primary, secondary, tertiary, quarternary. Importance of polar vs. non-polar amino acids in protein structure. Role of chaperonins in proper folding of some proteins. Amphipathic nature of membrane lipids derived from? Differences in bonding between starch and cellulose. Sites and function of glycosylated proteins What are major forms of energy? What is work? What is entropy? Predictions from the two laws of thermodynamics regarding biology. Can energy be created or destroyed? Contributions of: Franklin, Rosalind Crick, Francis Watson, James Pauling, Linus Corey, Robert
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1 BSCI230-Lecture3 Molecular Assembly & Bioenergetics Topic 3: Chp. 2 & 3 Acids and Bases • Acid = molecule capable of donating a H + • Base = molecule capable of accepting a H + X–H X + H + Acid Base • Strong acids lose protons easily (HCl, H 2 SO 4 ) • Weak acids lose protons reluctantly (H 2 S, CH 3 COOH) pH Balance Critical to Cell Functions pH measure the concentration of H + in solution. pH = -log [H + ] 7.4 is ca. optimal cytoplasmic pH for mammalian cells (10 -7.4 M protons) pH is much lower/higher in some organelles Functional Groups General Synthesis of Macromolecules By Energy Input (Activation) and Dehydration Monomer Polymer ATP ADP
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2074798383 - Topic 3 Molecular structure and assembly Ch 2...

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