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3/2 Lecture 10. Bioenergetics: Fermentation (Ch. 3) Aerobic respiration Ch. 5 Review glycolysis, and what can go to aerobic respiration. Formation of ethanol, lactate Review net balance of glucose oxidation by glycolysis Review of general mitochondrial structure Outer membrane structure Inner membrane structure and its complexes Composition of the mitochondrial matrix The steps involved in the entrance of pyruvate carbons into the Krebs Cycle and the reactions performed in that cycle. Electron transfer systems in the mitochondria and their role in establishing a proton gradient across the inner mitochondrial membrane Electron transport molecules and complexes in a mitochondrium, specifically in inner mitochondrial membrane Where in a bacterium does one expect to find equivalent electron transfer complexes to that in inner mitochondrial membrane? When protons are transported to the intermembrane space what is the benefit? What proteins are synthesized in the mitochondria, and where do others come from? Role of flavoproteins, cytochromes, cytochrome oxidase Does aerobic respiration only occur in mitochondria? Krebs cycle, TCA cycle Hans Krebs Catabolism Anabolism Oxidation Reduction
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