2120149075 - 3/7 Lecture 11. Bioenergetics: Proton movement...

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3/7 Lecture 11. Bioenergetics: Proton movement Ch. 5 Review the relationship of electron transfer along the mitochondrial e - chain and reduction of oxygen to water. Proton pumps: NADH-dehygrogenase complex (Complex I), cytochrome bc complex (Complex II) and cytochrome oxidase (Complex IV.). Emphasis on proton (H + ) movement into the intermembrane space. Elucidation of the means by which proton gradients are established. What is the chemiosmotic hypothesis and its role in cellular energy transduction. What is the proton-motive force? By what means is PMF generated? What is the PMF good for, how does it benefit the cell? By what mechanism does ATP synthase convert ADP and P i to ATP? F 1 what is it? What is F 0 ? Are they interconnected? What are the functional equivalents in bacteria? What about cyanobacteria? Other roles of PMF in addition to ATP synthesis. Glyoxysome Peroxisome Peter Mitchell Paul Boyer -Describe the metabolic changes in oxidative metabolism that must have accompanied the evolution and success of cyanobacteria. - Contrast the evolutionary history of the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes, i.e. what’s their origin and what’s the significance. -Why is the TCA cycle considered to be the central pathway in the energy metabolism of the cell - Following the TCA cycle, what are the two major events before for ATP production? - What are 4-5 types of electron carriers? - Is the inner mitochondrial membrane freely permeable to protons? If it is freely permeable, how many ATPs could be potentially generated? - How could one show that the head of ATP synthase (F1) actually rotates during ATP production? -Would you expect metabolically active, isolated mitochondria to acidify or alkalinize the
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2120149075 - 3/7 Lecture 11. Bioenergetics: Proton movement...

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