363 lecture 19-2008 - Spatial ecology

363 lecture 19-2008 - Spatial ecology - year The I nterior...

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Unformatted text preview: year The I nterior Department will decide this year on proposed endangered species listings for 71 species, a nearly tenfold increase in the number of species listed in the Bush Administration's first seven years. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Director Dale Hall told a House panel that the Administration would chip away at a backlog of hundreds of species awaiting protection. The Service will decide on listings for 71 species this year and 21 more in 2009. There are more than 280 species on the candidate list, whose listing is "warranted but precluded" because of lack of funding or other higher priorities, federal scientists say. And there are hundreds of additional plants and animals on whose behalf environmentalists have filed petitions. The effort marks a turnaround for the Administration that has hesitated to list any new plants or animals. President Bush's I nterior Department has listed only eight species -- compared with 62 by the Clinton Administration and 56 under President George H.W. Bush. All eight listings came in response to lawsuits. I f the agency decides to protect any of the 92 species on its list for determinations, the long timeline for such considerations would likely move final decisions to the next administration. The Bush Administration's most high-profile listing decision, the polar bear, should be made "within weeks," Hall said. He said the FWS has completed its work and the I nterior Department is reviewing the decision. I f listed, the polar bear would be the first mammal protected under the Endangered Species Act because of global climate change. Syllabus I. Conservation biology: Philosophy and definitions II. Extinctions past and present III. Genetics of conservation and extinction IV. Demography of conservation and extinction V. The ecology of conservation and extinction Reading assignment – read Chapter 16 in textbook Also Chapter 13 Definitions...
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363 lecture 19-2008 - Spatial ecology - year The I nterior...

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