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Vince Taweel Ethics The Book of Job In my humble opinion, the most important ethical issue in the book of Job is the way Job acts prior to feeling the wrath of god. Job is incredibly wealthy and does not let greed for more consume him; rather, he is good to his fellow man, very righteous and god-fearing enough that he sacrifices animals for his children. Job was a genuinely good man and predictably so. I do not believe god was in right to smite a good man simply to prove a point. Honestly, that just seems
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Unformatted text preview: like a dick move. One could argue that he did it in order to have the story shared for generations to come, but I still do not think it was ethical. At this point in my limited ethical knowledge I ask myself this, “At what point would I pick the best role model from the story?” If I wanted a politician, teacher, etc. it would be Job before he suffered the wrath of god....
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