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notes 9-19 - 13:18:00 1 Big Idea Overall Concept 2...

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19/09/2007 13:18:00 1. Big Idea/ Overall Concept 2. Elaboration/ Some examples 3. Synthesis/ essay coherent aka no shotgunning attitudinal- individual overtly discriminating Rodney king beating very visible pg 29 o Institutional Crack cocaine vs drug  Standard procedures, may appear neutral but impact a minority group Jane mercer- IQ Test reasoning ability aka anglo centric, for whites o Invalid measure of their intelligence Chirakowa Geronimo was a medicine man Apaches fought off Mexico kept territory U.S won mexico territory that wasn’t even mexicos Camp Grant Massacre caused formed reservation systems Force and Violence in Reservation System Institutionalized inequality in form of BIA - Burrow of Indian Affairs 1831 Supreme Court justice marshall used term ward- person under  protection of another BIA parenting Indian child ward
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  • Fall '07
  • 10:00-11:50
  • Supreme Court of the United States, Indian reservation, Act official BIA, Washington Indians, BIA Burrow, BIA paternalism

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notes 9-19 - 13:18:00 1 Big Idea Overall Concept 2...

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