Final diversity and racial conflict

Final diversity and racial conflict - Diversity and Racial...

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Diversity and Racial Conflict Final 1. Zero Sum: 1 groups gain is another groups loss Gains for immigrants produce losses for US citizens o For example they crowd schools and hospitals and don’t pay taxes o Proposition 187 (1994) Best known provision that would prohibit immigrated students from going to public schools and hospitals Deputize teachers to control social network How many illegals can we educated medicate and compensate before America goes bankrupt? It was found unconstitutional by a federal judge: scheme to regulate immigration and that’s a federal domain. California cannot go their own way. They provide a very vital labor source. They’re competition with others is very limited. o Maybe some Americans without a high school diploma are competing against immigrants The benefits to the economy accede all work competition o Taxes: Pew Research Center Most immigrants do pay social security and property taxes. They do pay taxes just not as much as other because their income is so low o Health care system: tend to be healthier and younger than the average American. Tend to avoid the healthcare system because they find it so unpleasant. They are put at the back of the line and are scared. They are either using alternative healthcare or are going to clinics and paying themselves Symbiosis: the United States and Mexico have mutual gains o Lower skill service sector- care of elderly, custodial work, nannies, landscape work, picking crops o We have incredible investments in Mexican corporations. 139 Billion flows into America due to our relationship with Mexico. o Mexico is a source of oil. o US beginning to see Mexico as an important democratic ally Portes and Pew Study: “15 Years on the Bottom Rung”: example of how some immigrants still feel they are stuck in a permanent underclass of the poor Unlike Mr. Zannikos, Mr. Peralta in “Spending 15 Years On the Bottom Rung” has not experienced the same upward mobility Jobs are plentiful but advancement is difficult But it is also because so many of them are illegal- leaving them with no rights, without security or a clear path to a better future
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Final diversity and racial conflict - Diversity and Racial...

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