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6. The Mexican American high school drop out rate is notably higher than that of other ethnic groups. In lectures and the video “Victor”, a number of explanations were presented. Discuss all three of the following: a) freeway noise, b) language problems (include the “English dominant Chicano kid”) and c) lower expectations for academic success including cultural stereotypes, teacher expectations and parental expectations. Note specifics such as the Rosenthal-Jacobson study on intellectual bloomers and “non-explicit intervention” (parents). High drop-out rate Race- Ethnicity in 2005 drop out rate: Whites 11%, Latinos 43% includes young adults, never came into high school, African Americans 18% Some Latinos came over as young adults and never completed high school, just went straight into labor 1.5 generation parents came to U.S when child was young, entered schools below the age of 10 drop out rate is 35% 1/3 of Latino do not complete H.S Tendency to blame the family, Latinos do not emphasize education in their families, young person may be the first one to finish H.S; Some Latino parents want their kids to drop out and earn money Tendency to blame Latino culture or the parents Stereotypes; Don’t value education Parents have not gone far in educational system thus don’t value education Latino children are new immigrants because they have to work 1) freeway noise in east LA schools—institutional problem a) matched schools with similar income levels, student body, and races (Mexicans) b) compared schools next to or 3-4 miles away from freeways c) 21 schools in East LA d) Institutional racism, schools are built in poor condition neighborhoods— freeway noise makes it hard for the students to concentrate, creates a poor learning environment, constant shaking e) Results: English was behind, math comparable; convergent schools on freeways were behind ones that were farther away f) Schools next to converging freeways i) 3 rd grade- ½ year behind in reading ii) 6 th grade- ¾ year behind 2) language problems (include the “English dominant Chicano kid”) a) Language is directly related to self-esteem; many bilingual were not weaned off of home tongue to English b) bilingual programs/ total immersion
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i) Prop 227 shuts down bilingual programs because of a monolingual state ii) Total immersion- complete saturation in the language will make the students learn faster iii) Child could feel unsuccessful and isolated for a long period of time unless there is a bilingual translator/aid- leads to dishonesty, withdrawn, and negative feelings of self iv) If the child speaks another language, the system should responds to it as a skill and provides a smooth and gradual transition v) Bilingual programs are not sophisticated and disadvantages in 6 th grade because their English are not good- some kids get stuck c) Don’t have English reinforced at home because they speak Spanish back home, thus their English skills slip behind over time
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AAA_Final[6] - 6 The Mexican American high school drop out...

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