AAA_Final[5] - 5 Discuss two of the following as examples...

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5. Discuss two of the following as examples of present day racism or racial issues: a) Define micro-aggressions and illustrate with either the Black Tradesmen article (Reader) or findings from the Black shoppers video. b) Racism in housing segregation (Feagin, Racist America, pp. 153-159) c) Racism in job discrimination—hiring, mobility and the hostile workplace (pp. 159- 166, Feagin, Racist America) d) David vs. Victor’s views on racial barriers in American society (Color of Fear video) a) Micro-aggressions i. Definition: - Behavioral or verbal indignities putting down people of color whether intentional/ unintentional to communicate negative racial strikes and insults to people of color - Daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities Racism today is more likely to be disguised and covert Micro assault old style overt verbal or nonverbal attack meant to hurt the intended victim  through name calling  Using racial epithets Micro insult Conveys rudenss, insensitivity often demean a person racial or ethnic identity Subtle snubs  Ex when an employee of color how they got their job, after awhile must have gotten  job because of affirmative action or quota Micro invalidation communications that exclude or nullify thoughts or feelings of people  of color when Asian Americans speak good English and ask where they were born ii. Illustration from Black Tradesmen - Commonly treated with extreme apprehension by customers or police in white neighborhoods, some white residents will not come to the door when they see the visitor is black. Others are more likely to ask him if he is lost, or when he’s on the
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AAA_Final[5] - 5 Discuss two of the following as examples...

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