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3. In La Nueva California, Hayes-Bautista notes that Latinos have often been incorrectly placed in the category of “dysfunctional minority group” because of higher than average rate of poverty and lower educational attainment. Summarize his arguments (against such placement) by noting Latino trends in labor force participation, use of welfare, family cohesion, and the Latino Paradox in health. Note three possible explanations for the Latino paradox. (La Nueva California book pp. 69-88 and lecture) I. Latinos—"dysfunctional minority group" a) Low income and poor education would lead to maladaptive behavior, including: Low labor-force participation Welfare dependency Disintegrating families Health harming behavior Greater burden of death Increased infant mortality Greater drug use b) Though commonly placed, completely inappropriate: i. Labor force participation In the forty-year period from 1940-1980, Latino males consistently had the highest labor-force participation rate of any group, higher than Asian/Pacific Islanders, African Americans, and even non-Hispanic whites For nearly three generations, Latino males have been the most active element in the state's labor force In 1990 and 2000, Latino males have been the most likely to work thirty-five or more hours per week Latino males are more likely to be employed in the private sector than non- Hispanic whites, Asian/Pacific Islanders, or African Americans most active element in the workforce participating in the wealth- generating sector ii. Welfare (public assistance) dependency Lowest welfare use of any group Latinos receiving public assistance represented just 29% of all Latinos in poverty; while 61% for non-Hispanic whites and 75% for African Americans iii. Family cohesion Latinos in California have the highest percentage of households composed of couples with children, more likely than non-Hispanic white, African American, or Asian/ Pacific Islander
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iv. Latino Paradox in health 1) Despite:
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AAA_Final[3] - 3. In La Nueva California, Hayes-Bautista...

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