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2. Discuss the effects of the Hart-Cellar Act on Asian immigration to the US. In chapter 5 of Asian Women and Men, Espiritu notes that Asian American women and men have been victimized by controlling images (e.g., Yellow Peril, Dragon Lady, Lotus Blossom etc.) Describe these images, especially those that have been used to define Asian American women and men, Note also “cultural resistance” in which Asian Americans are challenging these stereotypes and constructing their own images, (Honk if you love Buddha video and examples in literature in Ch. 5 etc.). Ch. 5 Espiritu book, Asian Women and Men. I. Effects of Hart-Cellar Act a) Hart-Cellar Act i. allows more individuals from third world countries to enter the US (including Asians, who have traditionally been hindered from entering America) ii. abolished the national-origin quotas that had been in place in the United States since the Immigration Act of 1924 iii. Future immigrants were to be welcomed because of their skills/professions, and not for their countries of origin. b) Effect of Hart-Cellar Act i. Model minority—used As escaping racism 1) Their high success rate Education attainment—44% of Asian Americans have achieved a B.A. degree or higher. 27% whites, 11% blacks, 10.5% Latinos. Initially arrived poor, low economic status. Faced certain degree of prejudice and discrimination. Through their hard work, thrift and family cohesion, specially educational attainment, they moved into high status white collar professional occupations Rate way overstated, many Asian scholars question this idea 2) Reasons: Already came from high places: ‘tend to be already educated’ completely different start in the U.S. compared to the other minorities. Brought high status from their country of origin. High proportion
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AAA_Final[2_] - 2. Discuss the effects of the Hart-Cellar...

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