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1. Contrast two competing perspectives— ZERO SUM vs. SYMBIOSIS —on immigration between the U.S. and Mexico. Give Examples of both; for example, discuss Proposition 187 and the view that immigration brings losses to U.S. citizens. Note also in what senses we have a symbiotic relationship with Mexico. What are the characteristics of the Mexican immigrants in the Portes and Pew Studies, and why, according to Portes, is the urban working class especially immigrating to the US. Finally, discuss how Latino immigrants who finally reach the U.S. are often blocked in their efforts to rise in the system drawing from either the LA Ciudad video or “15 years on the Bottom Rung” (in Course Reader). Lecture, reader, and pp. 125-129 Hayes-Bautista. IE Zero sum : a) One group gain; one group lose i. Gains for immigrants = loss of U.S. Citizens drain on social services Took away jobs (only true for black uneducated) Crowd schools and hospitals Use government expenditures fueled by tax dollars, don’t pay taxes Overused welfare Increased crime rates Drain on public services- education and welfare ii. Idea that they don’t pay taxes but crowd schools and hospitals—high economic cost iii. Must gain control of border, if not huge loss to U.S. Citizen. Springing  up of vigilante groups to patrol the border (for ex. In SD). Fear that  some of these ppl could bring weapons into the picture bc many have  military background. iv. b) Proposition 187 i. Started with Governor Wilson running for reelection, but with rather low approval ratings, so his reelection campaign found undocumented immigrants as a scapegoat for all problems that happened in the Governor's first term ii. Passed by overwhelming majority Deny illegal immigrants from social services, health care and public education/Bar undocumented immigrants from using almost any public service
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Law enforcement agents who suspect that a person who has been arrested is in violation of immigration must investigate his/her immigration status, report to Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) if found evidence of illegality Teachers, social workers, and healthcare workers etc who suspect people who are undocumented are asked to report to authorities and have them checked (expanding the “check”) No one may receive public benefits (e.g. education, and healthcare) until they have proven their legal right to stay in the country.
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