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01. Questions - Litigation Basics Class 1 In our first...

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Litigation Basics – Class # 1 (August 19, 2008) In our first class I will introduce and overview the course and my requirements / expectations for our classes and for your preparation and participation. See Course Introduction and Course Preview. Then I will provide some general background about law making institutions, forms of law and authority, courts and court systems, case law, how and why courts make law, and civil vs criminal cases. After this introduction, we will discuss State v. Stewart (First Case Reading Assignment posted on Blackboard). This is an old (1825) case when courts tended to be write very sparse opinions. Here are some questions we will discuss in class: Do you understand the meaning of all the terms used in the opinion? What happened in the trial court? What was the procedural action by the trial court that was challenged on appeal? What do you think is the purpose of filing a motion for new trial in the trial court?
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