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Litigation Basics Preview for Week September 1, 2008 On Tuesday 9/2 we will do the material on appellate review that was assigned for this week. (Please review that material before class.) After that we will start at the beginning and discuss preparation for filing a lawsuit or initiating a prosecution. There is not much reading assigned that covers this topic. I am changing slightly the reading on the Syllabus. In the Rubino Civil Case File I want you to read pages 1-6, and in the Rubino Crim Case File I want you to read pages 1-5. Also please think about what you would need and want to do in preparation for starting litigation ( e.g. , in the Rubino cases). Here are a few questions to think about for the class discussion. I am certain that we will not finish this subject next week; it will carry over into the week of September 8. What do we need to do to decide whether to litigate (sue or prosecute)? How do we develop the law and the facts (evidence) necessary to support litigation?
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