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BUSINESS BASICS COURSE DESCRIPTION AND SYLLABUS Course Introduction Each of you has entered law school with different backgrounds, experiences and expectations. Some may have a preconceived notion about what area of the law they want to practice, while others (probably the vast majority) don’t have a clue. Regardless of your background or future plans, the inevitable reality is that all areas of the law in some way require an understanding of basic business concepts. If you’re now thinking that you should have chosen medical school, or some other field, don’t give it a thought. Doctors, plumbers, electricians and every other profession/trade today all need to understand at least some of these concepts to be successful. The purpose and goal of this course is to provide each of you with an understanding of basic business concepts which are applicable to the study and practice of law. We recognize that among you are English, History, Science, Math, Philosophy, Theater and just about every other major that might exist in undergraduate school – and yes – even Business and Economics majors for whom some or all of this may be a review. You should all know that it is our experience that students with no prior business background can be just as successful in business law courses as those with such background. It is our hope that after you have competed this course you will be better prepared to excel in all law school courses – even those not directly related to business and you will come to appreciate that business concepts don’t have to be daunting, difficult to grasp or hopelessly complex. We want to take some of the mystique out of business and to give you a fundamental vocabulary for addressing business concepts in the legal context. We will introduce you to business terms and concepts so that when you encounter them in your courses you will not be intimidated by the vocabulary and will be on an equal footing with those among you who have some business background. We also know that many students do not and cannot appreciate how helpful this course can be until they have applied the concepts in other courses. We would ask you to take a leap of faith on this whether or not you are interested in business law. B USINESS C ONCEPTS I N T HE S TUDY AND P RACTICE O F L AW Business concepts are useful, if not necessary, in a variety of ways in studying law and in the practice of law. Many cases you will study will involve issues occurring in the business context in classes such as Contracts, Corporations, Unincorporated Associations, Securities Regulation, Environmental Law, Gaming Law and Taxation. In addition, business concepts are also important in Torts and other courses. For example: 1. You are a personal injury trial lawyer representing a child who suffered injuries as a result of a vehicular accident caused by a truck owned by Ace Supply, LLC. Knowledge of the various organizational forms under which people conduct business; the law of Agency, and Piercing the Corporate Veil will be necessary to properly and effectively
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Business Basics_Ellers_Syllabus - BUSINESS BASICS COURSE...

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