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BIO � ANTIBIOTICS - o Efflux pump pumps out...

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BIO – ANTIBIOTICS - Fleming pennicillium notatum - Antibiotic organic compound that can inhibit the growth of microbes (includes synthetics) - People used to die from really shitty bacteria: - Bacteria are prokaryotes; small, simpler, and therefore can replicate very very quickly - Modes of action: o Cell wall synthesis inhibition penicillin, Vacomycin o Protein synthesis Streptomycin, Tetracyclin o DNA replication Cipro - Antibiotic resistance growth no longer inhibited, huge public health problem, you totally already know this - Over 90% of bacterial infections were resistant to penicillin by 1980 - Methods of resistance:
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Unformatted text preview: o Efflux pump pumps out antibiotics o Enzyme degrades the antibiotic o Altered site of action -Antibiotic resistance genes that code for resistance can arise in two ways: o Rarely, by genetic resistance o More commonly, from other resistant cells->10% of C. Difficile’s genome can move around and shit-Resistance genes are called transposons, which can replicate themselves and send a copy to a new location. -Resistance genes are often carried on plasmids, which can be replicated and passed from one cell to another. -Conjugation plasmids going from one to another bacteria-...
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