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BIO – ENERGY AND THERMODYNAMICS - Thermodynamics the study of heat - Closed system only energy can be exchanged with the surrounding environment, not matter (but both can in an open system ) - Isolated system neither matter nor energy are transferred - Types of energy kinetic, potential, chemical-potential - Potential energy stored in structure and location in a gravitational energy - Chemical located in chemical bonds - First law total amount of energy is constant - Second law when energy transfer occurs, the level of disorder/entropy in the universe increases - The disorder of an isolated system always increases - Hyrdo using the gravitational potential energy of falling water - Entropy and Efficiency there is never a 100% efficient machine - 25% in cars, 40% in humans - heat is the ultimate form of disorder - Order decreases from solid gas - Can a reaction occur spontaneously? They tend to be when: o The products have lower potential energy than the reactants o
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