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BIO – NICHES - -Determining factors Diet...

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BIO – NICHES - Niches a role taken by an organism within its community organisms do specific jobs that others cannot do very well - This is dependant on specific local conditions - They could do many things (potential niche) but they probably do one thing mostly at a certain time depending on its environment (realized niche) - Gause’s experiments on their own, both paramecium do well; if they are together one does better than other if two species are competing for one limiting resource, one probably won’t do as well. - Niche example plants that coexist together probably have different roots so as to absorb nutrients in different ways - Barnacles two species when one is removed, the other flourishes; when the other is removed and the first is replaced, it survives as is - Adaptive radiation of mammals
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Unformatted text preview: -Determining factors Diet, Size, Geographic location, Physiology-Convergences different evolutionary lines yield similar animals that hold similar niches -Nectar feeding animals filling the same niche in multiple ways -When members of the same species fill different niches (eg sexual dimorphism) they reduce intergenerational/intersexual competition -Predators processing chain commerm predators living in the same place but eating different things, so no direct competition exists-Eg, organisms in pitcher plants, moths who eat either roots or leaves of the plants-Psychrophiles live in really cold temperatures -Niches multidimensional hyperspace – how an organism occupies space and exploits resources. One organism can create opportunities for many others...
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