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BIOLOGICAL BASIS : NERVOUS SYSTEM Peripheral nervous system - Branches out from the cns to all parts of the body - Afferent pathways – from sensory receptor cells to the brain and spine - Efferent Pathways – from brain and spine to effector cells in muscles and glands - Efferent Pathways are further broken down into systems o Somatic nervous system – nerves running to skeletal muscles, Control voluntary actions o Autonomic Nervous System – control muscles running to internal organs and glands; involuntary. o Further broken down into: Sympathetic division = mobilizes the body’s resource for action, increases blood rate and blood pressure, inhibits digestion (fight or flight) Parasympathetic – dominates under conditions of relaxation; conserves and replenishes the body’s energy; decrease heart rate and blood pressure BIOPSYCHOLOGY - Deals with the biological bases of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. -
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