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BIOLOGY: Light on Cells - CH. 5 QUESTIONS, 1,2,4,6,7, DICUSSION QUESTIONS 2,5, REVIEW CH. 10 + CYTOSKELETON MATERIALS - Be able to differentiate between light micrographs, fluorescence (uses stain), Transmission electron microscopy (thin sections of cells, electron dense stain), scanning electron microscopy (electron dense stain). - Haldobacterium salinarum + bacteriorhodopsin (seven transmembraneous proteins in archea) is synthesized by proteins using mRNA transcription. - Bacteria and archea are both prokaryotic but are quite different. - Several endosymbiotic events between bacteria and eukaryotes have occurred (eg, mitochondria, choloplasts) - Cell size – prokaryotic cells are much smaller than eukaryotic cells - Eukaryotic rhodopsin – rods and cones in the eye are single eukaryotic cells. In cones, there are stacks of membranous discs that produce rhordopsin in their rough endoplasmic reticulum. All proteins destined to
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Unformatted text preview: be in the cell membrane are made in this way. The stacks of discs increase surface area -Smooth ER created materials for cell membranes (eg, lipids) -The golgi complex is between the ER and the membrane. Vesicles from the ER travel to the golig complex, where the proteins inside are altered, and then are transported to the membrane via new vesicles. -Tight junctions allow cells to remain watertight while gap junctions allow cells to communicate with one another via a continuous cytoplasm.-Chlorophyll – made in the stroma of the choloroplast, the end product of a biosynthetic pathway (NOT TRANSLATION); the result of a series of enzymes.-Plant cells do not require tight junctions because they are sticky. Plasmodesmada allow plants to communicate with one another (small holes)...
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