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BIOLOGY – EVOLUTION - Do animals look the same because of gene flow or because they live in the same environment? [nature/nurture debate] - Rats look the same anywhere in the world - With transportation interbreeding from different places is possible - Animals that can fly can also spread their genes across geographical distances. - Snails from geographically remote areas relative to one another are relatively genetically similar because these snails attach themselves to migrating birds. - Frosted glass-whiskers series of isolated population of lichens DISCONTINUOUS DISTRIBUTION - Gene flow to measure genetic structure in barn mice found limited gene flow within single barns; mice from opposite ends of the barn did not mate, social groups were present. - Erlich and Raven challenged persuasiveness of gene flow as a “binding agent” - Baker studied house mice in captivity and field. At the time it was believed that they lived in behaviorally isolated social groups
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Unformatted text preview: o 3 methods: followed the spread of an introduced allele looked at the distances traveled by marked male mice used gel electrophoresis to asses genetic variability -released an allele carried by new females the allele flowed everywhere-Gene flow between squirrels from England and Scotland is occurring because they have connected habitats. -Importance of Gene flow o One size does not fit all o Disjunct species may not play the game like others do o Remember the species concept and the importance of evolution, an ongoing process.-Comparing the morphological and genetic variance of a sea snail. -New population moving north is genetically different than those in Baja-These snails also have morphological differences in their shells much different, even from the fossil snails -Cherry trees impact of insects, birds, mammals in gene flow very localized animals transport the seeds to new locations-Svalbard genetics...
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