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BIOLOGY ADAPTIVE RADIATION – PLANTS EATING THINGS - Velcro - In plants co-option of chloroplasts autotrophic more oxygen in the air and water; plants that had special structures were able to move onto land. - End of Devonian era, plants had: o Gametangia specialized sex organs o Stems with fluid transport o Structural elements eg wood o Leaves, roots o Stomata gas exchange o Sporangia, seeds - Waterproofing cuticle allows it to maintain homeostasis - Tracheid cells moss (tube), S/G /P type - Reproduction gametes are produced by mitosis, not meiosis - Nitrogen there’s lots of N2 however it has triple covalent bonds which are hard to break. Accessible by nitrogen fixation, ammonnification, nitrification, denitrification, etc. - Haber-Bosch process increased crop productivity - Problems and Opportunities when the environment is nutrient poor, lots of light and lots of water. About 600 species of plants are carnivorous. Darwin was the first to demonstrate experimentally that some plants were
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