BIOLOGY - BIOLOGY PrimaseisanRNApolymerase

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BIOLOGY - Primase is an RNA polymerase - Growth is a balance of cell birth and death - Normally DNA synthesis is occurring during S-phase, except during DNA repair - Chromosomes are unreplicated in G1 ( | ) - Chromosomes replicate in G2 ( X ) - The amount of DNA in a nucleus doubles during S-Phase, however the number of chromosomes remains constant. Mitotic Cell Division - Chromosomes are only visible during Metaphase - Not all chromosomes look the same during cell division - DNA is loosely packed by being wound around histone proteins, all bound together by the nuclear membrane - Microtubules radiate from centrosomes outside of the nucleus - NEED TO REMEMBER WHAT EACH KIND OF CYTOSKELETON IS MADE OF AND DOES DNA packaging - doule helix is wrapped around an octomer of histone proteins to form nucleosomes. - Selenoid – twisted up nucleosomes. - When DNA is not compounded in interphase, chromosomes remain highly organized. -
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BIOLOGY - BIOLOGY PrimaseisanRNApolymerase

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