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1 STS 201 WHAT IS SCIENCE? AN INTRODUCTION TO SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STUDIES Professor Trevor Pinch, Rockefeller Hall 309, [email protected] Office Hours: Mondays 2-4pm SYLLABUS This course introduces students to some of the central ideas in the newly emergent field of Science and Technology Studies (S&TS). As well as serving as an introduction to students who plan to major in Biology and Society, or in Science and Technology Studies, the course is aimed at students with backgrounds in either the sciences or the humanities who are curious to think more critically about what we mean by science and technology, what counts as scientific knowledge and why, and how science and technology intervene in the wider world. It allows students in science and engineering to reflect critically upon their own involvement in science and technology and consider the impact and implications of their work for society. It allows students with backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences to develop a critical understanding of the role of science and technology in the world. The course is a mixture of lectures, seminar discussions and other activities. One lecture will be given by Cornell scientists or engineers. We will watch films about science and technology. The class meets on Monday and Wednesday for lecture and on Fridays for discussion sections. The discussion sections are an integral part of the course and attendance is required. REQUIREMENTS 1. Regular attendance of all class meetings including one section. Attendance will be taken at lecture and section - you will be allowed three unexplained absences. The class will meet three times a week (one meeting is section). 2. You must take all exams and tests. Your grade will be based as follows: 20% on section participation, 20% on a mid-term exercise, 20% on two in-class tests, and 40% on a final exam. Students who prefer to submit a term paper rather than do a final exam will be given the option
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