Federal Taxation: Basic Principles (2009)

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Unformatted text preview: (OOA -2) Object-Oriented Analysis By Rick Birney Information System Development Analysis Strategies Make Sure Everyone is on the Same Page! Tackling Difficult Problems - Problem Decomposition The process of breaking the description of a system down into small components How Can I Solve These Problems? Unified Modeling Language (UML) UML is a notation language that is used to help document the requirements (analysis) of an information system. Used in analyzing and designing an information system Can be used in any information system development methodologies UML (Unified Modeling Language) Recognized standard used to model and document information systems UML Diagrams Include - Use Case Diagrams - describes interactions between users and the application - Class Diagrams - shows attributes, methods, and relationships of the objects used in the application - Sequence Diagrams - shows interactions vs. time sequence between objects - Collaboration Diagrams - shows interactions between objects vs. their relationships - State Diagrams - models object reactions to external stimuli - Activity Diagrams - models internal object activity - Component Diagrams - show software components used in the system - Package Diagrams - how classes are distributed in modules and packages - Deployment Diagrams - block diagram of hardware components used in system CIS-340 Uses these three! UML Use Case Diagram M gr. & Sche dule r Log int o Sy st e m Sche dule A ircra ft t o a Journe y A ssign Cre w t o a Journe y Ca nce l a Journe y List Unsche dule d Journe y s List Journe y / Cre w A ssignme nt s World Airlines Scheduling Application - Manager and Scheduler Functions List Ca nce lle d Journe y s UML Use Case Scenario For each use-case function (circle) a Use-Case Scenario is created. The Scenario represents the detailed steps required to complete the use-case function. UML Class Relationship Diagram W or ldA ir line sA pp + addEditDeleteList_aircraft ( ) + addEditDeleteList_airport ( ) + addEditDeleteList_list flights ( ) + addEditDeleteList_journeys ( ) ... Flight + flightIdNo + depAirport d ... + enterFlightInfo ( ) + saveFlightInfo ( ) ... Jour ne y s + journeyIdNo ... + enterJourneyInfo ( ) + saveJourneyInfo ( ) + updateJourneyInfo ( ) + listAllJourneys ( ) + getAllJourneys ( ) ( ... A ir por t + airportId ... + enterAirportInfo ( ) + saveAirportInfo ( ) ( ... Employ e e + em ployeeIdNo + nam e n ... + enterEm ployeeInfo ( ) + saveNew Em ployeeInfo ( ) ( ... Pilot + qualList + confirm Qualification ( ) Ca binSt a ff + qualList + confirm Qualifi......
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