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Marshall School of Business – Fall 2007 Page 1 BUAD 215x: Foundations of Business Finance Lecture 8:00-9:50 a.m. M W Room: HOH 1 (Syllabus subject to revision) Instructor: Duke K. Bristow, Ph.D. USC Office Hoffman Hall 601M Telephone: (213) 740-6513, USC Fax: (213) 740-6650 Email: [email protected] Course website: on Blackboard (later this week) ( http://learn.usc.edu ) Office hours: by appointment* * E-mail is a dependable and efficient way to communicate with me. Catalogue Description: Principles and practices of modern financial management; use of financial statements; valuation of investment; asset pricing under uncertainty; elements of financial decisions. Not available for credit to business majors. Prerequisite: BUAD 200x and ACCT 410x. Course Description: This course is primarily designed to introduce non-business majors to fundamentals of corporate finance. It explains the procedures, practices and policies by which financial managers contribute to the successful performance of organization. The course also provides students with knowledge of key finance concepts and theoretical principles related to the time value of money, the effects of debt and dividend policy on firm value, the operation of financial markets, and the operation of foreign exchange markets. In addition, the course is intended to provide students with the tools to calculate the value of stock and bond investments, to evaluate investments in productive firm assets, to assess the risk of investments, to determine the cost of capital for firms and individual projects and to calculate exchange rates across different national currencies. Required Course Materials: Text: Stephen Ross, Randolph Westerfield, Bradford Jordan, Essentials of Corporate Finance , 5th Edition, Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2007. Other: Slides, handouts and supplemental readings/articles will be posted on Blackboard, The Wall Street Journal , (available through Factiva in the Crocker Business Library) is required reading. You may not record the class without my prior written permission. Financial Calculator: Financial calculator capable of performing discounted cash flows, IRR and other financial calculations. You should bring your calculator to class with you for in-class examples. You are not required to have any specific model; however, I suggest the HP 12-C or TI-BA II Plus calculators (which are a few common models). You are expected to know how to use your calculator. o The Hewlett Packard 10BII Financial Calculator is reasonably priced (~$30 at Amazon.com) also available at USC bookstore and at Staples, Office Depot, etc.
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Marshall School of Business – Fall 2007 Page 2 Grading Criteria: BUAD 215 Grading Criteria: Class Participation/Attendance 10% Midterms (2) 50% Final Exam 40% Total 100% *2 midterms will be administered; each is worth 25% Grade distributions will be provided after each examination. Your final grade is based on your total score and is subject to the Marshall curve. Attendance/Class Participation Grade:
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buad215x - Marshall School of Business Fall 2007 BUAD 215x...

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