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1 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARSHALL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Fall 2007 FBE 441 (Investments) Course Syllabus 1 Contact Information Instructor: Ty Callahan Office: ACC301D Telephone: 213.740.6498 Email: Tyrone.Callahan@marshall.usc.edu Office hours: Wednesday 1:30pm – 2:30pm or by appointment Website: https://blackboard.usc.edu/ (Blackboard) 2 Course Objective The objective of the course is to study the theory and application of portfolio management. The major topics include: - Overview of capital markets - The portfolio management process - Optimal portfolio selection and diversification using mean-variance analysis - The role of asset pricing models in portfolio management - Portfolio performance evaluation We study portfolio management in the context of asset allocation, managing equity portfolios, and managing fixed income portfolios. The course material is biased toward asset allocation and equity markets. There are separate courses that cover fixed income and derivative markets specifically. 3 Prerequisites and Expectations Finance: You must have a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts in finance: the time-value of money; the relation between risk and return; the basic features and valuation of stocks and bonds. These topics are covered in BUAD 306 (a prerequisite course). I expect you to review the material from BUAD 306 as necessary. Statistics and Math: The study of investments is inherently quantitative. Knowledge of basic statistics (means, covariances, regression, etc.) is indispensable and used repeatedly throughout the semester. I expect you to spend the time necessary to refresh your statistical knowledge. In addition, you should be very comfortable with basic algebra. Computers: Many of the examples in lectures and problem sets require Microsoft Excel (or a similar product). You will need access to a computer and familiarity with Excel. I will assume that you know how to use spreadsheets to perform some basic analysis. Academic integrity: The use of unauthorized material, communication with fellow students during an exam, attempting to benefit from the work of another student, and similar behavior that defeats the intent of an examination or other class work is unacceptable to the University. It is often difficult to distinguish between a culpable act and inadvertent behavior resulting from the nervous tensions accompanying examinations. Where a clear violation occurs, however, the instructor may disqualify the student’s work as unacceptable and assign a failing mark on the paper . Policy regarding returned graded work: Returned paperwork, unclaimed by a student, will be discarded after 4 weeks and hence, will not be available should a grade appeal be pursued by a student following receipt of his/her course grade. Students with disabilities:
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2008 for the course BUAD 306 taught by Professor Selvili during the Fall '07 term at USC.

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