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School of Hotel Administration Cornell University Fall 2008 INTRODUCTION TO WINES (H ADM 4430) Instructor: Administrative Assistant: Teaching Support Specialist: Professor Stephen A. Mutkoski, Ph.D. Sandy Deasy Beth Wilcox Banfi Vintners Professor of 274 Statler Hall 274 Statler Hall Wine Education and Management 255-3699 254-2509 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] PLEASE NOTE: Administrative matters are handled by Ms. Sandy Deasy. Seating, attendance and Blackboard questions are handled by Beth Wilcox. Class number 2088 W 0255-0455P SR AUD REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: Wine For Dummies , 4 th Edition, McCarthy, Ed and Ewing-Mulligan, Mary, Wiley Publishing Inc., 2006. COURSE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Introduction to Wines (H ADM 4430) is intended for the upper-class student interested in the fundamental knowledge of wine history, production techniques, flavor characteristics, and wine’s proper place in society. The participant will gain an understanding of how food is complemented by wine and how wines should be purchased, stored and served for maximum enjoyment and value. Responsible beverage service and consumption is emphasized. At the end of the course the following knowledge, skills and attitudes should have been learned: KNOWLEDGE : - Grapes used in major winegrowing regions. - Factors that influence the growing of grapes. - Understanding of the winemaking process. - History and geography of winegrowing regions. - Techniques of tasting and evaluation of flavor components. - Development of a wine appreciation vocabulary. - Understanding wine laws and regulations. - Understanding of the price/value relationship of quality wine. - Understanding of wine and food pairing principles. SKILLS : - Identification of the components of wine. - Selection of beverages to accompany food. - Development of a wine collection. - Ability to navigate through a wine list. - Ability to decode the terminology on wine labels.
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H ADM 4430 Syllabus Page 2 ATTITUDES : - Accepting individual responsibility as a consumer of beverages containing alcohol and as a host when serving beverages. - Confidence in choosing and serving wines, leading to greater appreciation and enjoyment. EVALUATION OF PRODUCT SAMPLES : Beverage consumption is not required to evaluate products. We encourage you to spit! Please use the containers provided for this purpose. Take only the prescribed amount of each sample. Do not give your portion to another student and do not accept an additional portion from another student. PRODUCT SHARING OR EXCESSIVE PORTIONS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING ASKED TO LEAVE THE CLASS. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. The techniques of tasting and portion control will be discussed during the first lecture. WINE GLASS KIT : Each registered student will be given a glass kit for use during the term. You must bring this kit to class each week for the tasting session. PAPER CUPS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE! IF YOU DO NOT BRING YOUR KIT TO CLASS, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAMPLE PRODUCTS. The cost for this kit is covered in the lab fee which is automatically added to each registered student's bursar account.
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