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Sample themes of prelim 1 questions Topics include: classes 1 through 7 (readings and handouts). The following is a list of study topics which will help you focus on the most important things. This is information which a person who is interested in and studies the subject of wine should know. The prelim will consist of 125 to 150 multiple choice questions. I do not post exam questions as I would like you to have a command of the subject matter which is broader than the specific questions which I might write for any one exam. If you can answer the questions below you should have little difficulty with the exam and you will impress most people with your wine knowledge. Components, Winemaking, Viticulture, Wine Service, Wine Buying What information on the wine label is important to review before accepting a wine in a restaurant? What are steps in the ritual of wine service in a restaurant and how should one proceed before accepting a wine? What are generally accepted reasons for sending a bottle of wine back in a restaurant? When serving wine what is the proper sequence if more than one wine is being served? How does the temperature of a wine affect its taste? What are the major differences between how white and red wines are made? Which VITICULTURAL (grape growing) and VINICULTURAL (winemaking) practices effect a wine’s concentration, quality, flavor and price? What do the various grape components contribute to the finished wine? What are the major components in wine and how do these influence taste, texture, and shelf life?
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How does the winemaker shape or adjust various components in wine? How do we evaluate wines? What are the stages of taste? What are the varietal (aroma & flavor) characteristics of the major grape varieties tasted in class? What defects might one find in a wine? What happens to wine as it ages? Which wines benefit from aging? California, New York, Washington State, Oregon What historic events influenced the growth of the wine industry in the US and the individual states covered in class? Which individuals had significant impact on the growth of California’s wine industry?
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F08_Prelim_1_Sample_themes_of_questions - Sample themes of...

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