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FIRST DAY OF CLASS---------8/27 Masturbation Facts                Myths Enjoyable Prevents prostate cancer People lie about it Different techniques Portable Can use tools Diminishes horniness Hairy palms Going blind It falls off No girls do it Onanism – Onan (old testament God) nice jewish Boy. His brother annoyed God and God killed him. Onan then had to have sex with his sister-in-law but didn’t want to. During sex, pulled out and came on the ground. Uh-oh. 9/3/2008 What about anxiety? Its physical, psychological, & emotional. Something in you senses danger; your brain lights up for flight or fight. Then what? You need to interpret quickly. Too quickly? How proficient are you at working with your anxiety? Sexuality is an area rife with anxiety, from performance anxiety to identity anxiety etc… Sociobiological Theory We transmit genes which bestow attributes to our offspring. Attributes which increase our chances for survival & reproduction are passed along. # 1 goal of species is to reproduce Therefore we have inherited the genetic remnants of traits which helped our ancestors survive. Sexual strategies & perceived mate value. Men as hunter & warriors? Women as caregivers & fruit gatherers? It makes no evolutionary sense for a man to risk his DNA hunting mastodon for someone else’s offspring. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL for him to know whose baby she is carrying (paternal uncertainty). Is your culture open or repressed? Culture of the U.S. in 2008 What does sex mean? From Latin word to cut or to divide. Implications of more than 1 sex?
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Sex vs. Gender Tiefer, Sex is not a normal act Everyone of us participates in forming 7 adhering to “normal” The medical model “scientific method” propses biological imperatives that determine “normal” but who decides what is “normal”? How is this decided? From Strong et. Al. Human Sexuality: Diversity in contemporary America: 1. Subjectively normal: changes as it is our opinions 2. Statistically normal: something numerically about the people you’ve asked 3. Idealistically normal: how does it measure up to what you believe you’re suppose to. 4. 5. Clinically normal: A lot of sex is in the medical field i.e. DSM= Diagnostic & statistical manual of APA which is a book of symptoms and diagnoses Some psychological theories we’ll visit: Psychoanalytic (Freud 1856-1939) Sex is central It will all prove to be physical (?) Even children are sexual ID – Ego – Super ego Superego: Conscience ID: The irrational the primitive; all desire & need; the stuff of dreams and nightmares Behavioral (skinner et. al) Behaviors are learned and can be unlearned Operant conditioning: we learn behaviors though reinforcement and punishment Positive reinforcement increases odds that behavior will be repeated Negative reinforcement: removal of unpleasant stiumulus
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Sexnotesedited1 - FIRST DAY OF CLASS-8/27 Masturbation...

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