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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Spring Term 2005 8.02X Electricity and Magnetism Problem Set 7 Issued: Thu, March 24 Due: Mon, April 4, 4PM <- note Date & Time! Reading suggestions (from Young & Freedman) Mon, 3/28 Magnetic Field, Lorentz Force Wed,3/30 Source of Magnetic Fields, Law of Biot-Savart Fri, 4/1 Ampere’s Law Note that the next experiment is EB (Electric Breakdown). The EB questions will be posted in a separate document. The EB experiment will be due on Monday, April 4. Problem 1 (5 points): A charged particle is moving through a uniform magnetic field. If an electric field that points in the same direction as the magnetic field is turned on, describe the path the charged particle will take (use a sketch). Problem 2 (5 points): Can you set a resting electron into motion with a constant magnetic field? Explain how (or why not). Problem 3 (10 points): See drawing: An ion of mass M and charge q is initially at rest at the origin (x=0) at t=0.
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Unformatted text preview: A region of uniform electric field E pointing in the y direction extends from y=0 to y=s. Above y=s, there is a region of magnetic field B, pointing in the z direction. (a) When and where does the ion first cross the x-z plane located at y=s? (b) What is the ions trajectory in the B-field region? Where does it cross the x-z plane at y=s for the second time? (c) Where does the ion come to rest? y B s E 0 X Problem 4 (10 points): Shown below is the cross section of a long coaxial cable consisting of an inner core with radius r 0 and an outer shell of radius r 1 , both centered at r=0. The inner core carries a current I going into the paper plane, the outer shell carries the same current I in the opposite direction. Using Ampere’s law, find the magnitude of the magnetic field B(r) in the region r 0 < r < r 1 and r > r 1 . r 0 r 1...
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802x_05_pset7 - A region of uniform electric field E...

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