finalshort - a WWII is a watershed event a crucial dividing...

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a) WWII is a watershed event, a crucial dividing line in the history of Asian Americans . The war changed life of asian immigrants especially Filipinos, Koreans, Asian Indians, Chinese and Japanese Americans. This event influenced the immigrants and their descendants to determine their identities as Asians and as Americans. After Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, most Chinese and Koreans Americans made affort to separate themselves from Japanese. They were still viewed as strangers but at the same time asked to support the war as Americans. Fate of Asian Americans depended on the changing fortunes brought by the war. This war challenged America in democracy. The government changed its policy against discrimination in order to be consistent with the goal of the war; to stand against racial inequality. b) Filipino had a long association with the America from colonization . Japanese became their enemy from attacking Philippines. Filipinos fought with American soldiers at the Battan war. This bonding created respect for the Filipinos in the US. The First Filipino Infantry Regiment allowed the Filipino opportunity to fight for their homeland. The war events gave Filipino a chance to reveal themselves as “soldiers of democracy.” In 1943, veterans were allowed for naturalization. Congress extended citizenship to Filipino immigrants and permitted the entry of 100 Filipino immigrants annually. Executive Order 8802 prohibited racial discrimination in employments. The war opened new employ
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finalshort - a WWII is a watershed event a crucial dividing...

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