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physics1 - development of models theories and laws...

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Chapter 1 Physics – the study of the behavior, structure, and interaction of matter and light Natural science – observation of “things” around us. - Physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics - a mental picture of our surroundings => model - develop a theory: provides a qualitative and quantitative description of our model. Law – general but concise description of the behavior of nature Scientific process – the manner in which a scientist carries out observations and the
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Unformatted text preview: development of models, theories, and laws DEVELOPMENT OF PHYSICS 3000 B.C. – Babylonians & Egyptians- sun appears and disappears- stars } motion- “flat” earth- Moon religious ideas: science religion philosophy 500 B.C. GREEKS- tried to describe/understand- motion of the heavens-earth was not flat, earth was curved...
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