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physics3 - measure of an objects mass the more mass an...

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Newton’s Laws 1 st Law – inertia 2 nd Law – F=ma 3 rd Law – action/reaction 1 st Law - an object in motion (or at rest) will stay in motion (or at rest) unless acted upon by an external force force - causes something to do something (everyday) - push or a pull (physics) - action: a force acts upon an object, an object does not have a force inertia - resistance to an action
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Unformatted text preview: - measure of an objects mass- the more mass an object has the greater its inertia mass- a measure of an objects size, shape, and composition- units of mass: Kilogram => kg- mass ≠ weight 2 nd Law (F=ma)- when a net external force acts upon a mass, the mass will accelerate- a depends on the direction(s) of the force(s)- F => is a vector...
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