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REL 1219 R. F. Hock Fall 2008 MID-TERM STIJDY GUIDE Literay ethnography- is the studying of people through the use of literary texts and places. Indepnedent Peasant- peasant that lived on his own and owned his own land, lived in the chora, was free Chora- agricultural zone, surrounds the polis, home of the peasants, extended roughly 6-10 miles outside the polis, dotted with villages, then people walked to there separate fields to work. It took 90 people to feed and clothe 100. Kyrios- father of eldest male of household, has the responsibility of raising the daughters correctly and then finding them suitable husbands. Gorgias- Knemons ex wife son from previous marriage, gorgias and sostratos help get knemon out. Knemon adopts gorgias as his son. Mageiros- sacrificer, butcher, chef at the same time. Was rented out by the family and got a sort of tips that helped him buy his freedom. Dorkon- cowheard peasant. A wolf is near the chora and villagers are scared. They think they can trap the wolf in a deep pit but it doesn’t work. Daphnis is chasing two unruly goats and gets trapped in the pit. Chloe and Dorkon help him out. When dorkon sees Chloe, he falls in love. She falls in love with Daphnis while hes bathing. Dorkon and Daphinis debate and Daphinis wins the kiss Lycainion- a married woman who falls in love with daphnis. She knows that Daphnis and Chloe are together. Decides she needs to introduce Daphnis to sex. Syntrophos- is a slave that has been raised with an aristocrat. Would raise an aristocratic child. Would become estate manager, had a great bond with aristocrat Aristocratic household Central institution of the New Testament. Consists of Dionysophantes, Cleariste, Astylus, Gnathon, Urban slaves, and Synthrophos. Will usually have about 100 ppl. in the household. Eros -Also known as Cupid. The god of love. Made Daphnis and Chloe and Sostratos and Kenemon’s daughter fall in love with each other. Also makes Habrocomes and Anthea fall in love
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Kottalos- is the misbehaving, dyslexic son. Metrotime wants here son beaten nearly to death b/c she is so mad with him. Has to pay for her sons education even though she knows he doesn’t pay attention. Primary Curriculum- age 7 Reading, writing and arithmetic. Boys would go to gymnasium. All aristocratic boys went to primary school. Girls do well but were taught at school. Reading. . learned alpabet. Learning your ABCs is the entrance to wisdom. Artithmetic education was very minimal. Letters, syllables, words Agamemmon Vs Achilles Chryses’ daughter was captured by Agamemnon. Agamemnon refuses to give her back. Chryses prays to Apollo and Apollo sends a plague to Agamemnon’s’ ships. Achilles convinces Agamemnon to give up Chryses’ daughter. Agamemnon agrees, but under the condition that he could have Achilles’ wife as his prize. Achilles becomes upset and decides not to fight in the Trojan War. Paidagogs-
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hock study guide 1 - REL1219 R.F.Hock Fall2008...

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