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Chora- agricultural zone, surrounds the polis, home of the peasants, extended roughly 6-10 miles outside the polis, dotted with villages, then people walked to there separate fields to work. It took 90 people to feed and clothe 100. Arketia and Ephibate are rituals of transitioning into early adult hood Arkteia– Festival takes place every 4 years. Between the ages of 11-14 girls would participate. They would leave home and go to the temple of Artemis. To please Artemis they would have to play the she bear. At night the would go into a cave like structure and hibernate and learn mysteries, myths, and facts of life. At the end they exchange their girls shorter peplos for a woman’s longer peplos. They would make the transition from kore to parthenos. Ephebic training Age 15-18. Adolescent age of young men in training. Build them into citizens and train them into soldiers. Take tours of them temples to learn about the gods. Then on guard duty to protect the chora. After two years of duty then become citizens. Rhetoric and Sophists
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