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english final - Deniz Gorgun Metaphors Are Effective 5/7/08...

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Deniz Gorgun 5/7/08 Metaphors Are Effective Ever since the beginning of the human life on this world, people have been telling all kinds of stories to each other. We all do that as a social requirement in our everyday lives, but some of us are more talented in keeping the attention of the audience until the end of the story. The harmony of the tale with the style of telling is the key for the high motivation of the audience. For the success of the writing to convey the author’s message, the best thing that an author could do is to make the reader think about what he/ she has just read. Thinking of a success of a paper, if the message to be given is needs a higher level of understanding and critical thinking, it is often most effective to use metaphorical expressions and indirection instead of straightforward expressions. Many respected authors constantly use the indirection technique, and thus give the reader joy of both reading and analyzing at the same time. George Orwell, in ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’, John Steinbeck in ‘Of Mice and Men’, Paolo Coelho in ‘O Alquimista(The Alchemist)’, William Golding in ‘Lord of the Flies’ and Franz Kafka in ‘Die Verwandlung(The Metamorphosis)’ all use this same technique of communicating their ideas using metaphors. In all these examples the author gives different twists to both the story and its aspects (i.e characters, objects and setting) in such a way that the message is only received after an analysis of the text. Using metaphorical expressions is certainly a very effective way of telling the tale. Throughout the novel “The Metamorphosis”, Kafka urges the reader to stop and think of the last page read, and get the idea behind what is going on. For example, the very first sentence of the novel tells how the protagonist, Gregor Samsa wakes up and finds himself transformed to a bug. This very famous sentence can obviously be interpreted in lots of different ways, and a very famous idea behind it is the idea of
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english final - Deniz Gorgun Metaphors Are Effective 5/7/08...

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