1-Journey from 201 BCE

1-Journey from 201 BCE - 8/28/08 CIVILIZATION OF ROME ROME...

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8/28/08 CIVILIZATION OF ROME ROME OF THE MIDDLE REBUBLIC: THE JOURNEY TO 201 BCE POLITICAL SYSTEM 753 BCE—founding of Rome by Romulus (1 st king) 509 BCE-27 BCE—7 kings of Rome era 27-476 CE—Empire (1 st Empire—Augustus) o last emperor of Rome-Romulus Augustulus 330 CE-capital of Rome moves from Rome to Constantinople (aka. Istanbul) 395 Roman Empire split-West and East Empire o West falls 476 o East falls 1400s 201 BCE: Rome becomes “Mistress of the Mediterranean” Hannibal of Carthage-lead slaughterer of every roman army encountered General Scipio- defeated Hannibal in 202 o Renamed Scipio Africanus-1 st to attach name of conquered place to name 3 major powers in the east: Macedonia, Syria, and Egypt o influx of wealth: slaves, taxes, tributes, spoils o more land for Roman citizens Roman Forum-heart of the city; valley between the 7 mountains of Rome Temple of Jupiter-oldest/most important temple in Rome Population of Rome approx 300,000-citizens, slaves, tourists, traders, etc Population of Italian peninsula approx 4 million-300,000 adult male Roman citizens, 600,000 slaves 200 years later—population about 6 million in Italian Peninsula Scipio returns as consul SPQR (Latin)- senatus populus (que) romanus (The senate and the people of Rome) o Bizarre entity of 3 parts Senate-at this time 300 people, all ex-magistrates (all have or still hold high political office), advisory role, have control over almost all things pertaining to rome (foreign/domestic policy, religion); jurors; senators for life—accept 10 new senators/year Magistrates People-meet in 3 assemblies Centuriate -all Roman citizens organized according to wealth (193 groups- # changes throughout history); 1 centuriate, 1 vote; bottom has more people o Aka. comitia centuriata o Blue-blood ladder of success-Quaestor in 20’s, Praetor in 30’s, and consul in 40’s Tribal -all Roman citizens organized according to residence; Italy is divided into 35 tribal zones, 4 in Rome; senators also control
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tribal assembly (poor grouped into 1 zone) o Aka. comitia tributa Plebeian Council o Aka. concilium plebes tributum o Consists of all Roman citizens except for those belonging to the Patrician class o Patrician class-aristocracy of Rome, extremely powerful small class (#’s in the teens), blue bloods o Can create laws that cannot be vetoed, but carry veto power over everyone else (real power) o Tribune (2), Aedile (secretaries to Tribunes)
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1-Journey from 201 BCE - 8/28/08 CIVILIZATION OF ROME ROME...

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