PPD 245Halloween Paper

PPD 245Halloween Paper - Halloween Paper Since the 800s,...

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Halloween Paper Since the 800’s, All Saints’ Day has been celebrated on the first day of November. The night preceding this holiday became known as Halloween, and this is the day that we still celebrate today. However, the reformed Christian holiday is now particularly significant for children, and it has become customary in the United States of America for them to wear humorous and frightening costumes and go door-to-door in their neighborhoods asking for candy. Neighborhood events, or “block-parties”, are not uncommon in the festivities of Halloween, and the holiday’s popularity with adults grows every year. In addition to “block parties” within neighborhoods, there have been an increasing number of parades and public parties in larger cities. Kids, teenagers, and adults use all of these events to show off the most outrageous costumes, conduct pranks, and sometimes even contribute to charitable causes. The popularity of Halloween prevalent in today’s society is on a much larger scale than ever before, thanks to commercialization and popularization. With about seven-billion dollars being spent on the holiday each year in this country,
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PPD 245Halloween Paper - Halloween Paper Since the 800s,...

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