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PPD245_Midterm_Readings - PPD245 Midterm Readings(IMPORTANT...

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PPD245 Midterm Readings (IMPORTANT – HIRSCH, SELF, SISCINE, LASITER) MOLOTCH – THE GROWTH MACHINE - Who o Government, Planners, developers, business, residents. How they all interact in order to further the development of their city - What o The Growth Machine – cities are growth machines, all trying to compete for resources (jobs, industry, land, people, human resources, universities, parks…etc) o Molotch argues that growth is inefficient and that all pay the price for growth, but not all reap the benefits. - When o - Where o Cities, Sunbelt, suburbs - Why o Necessary for the survival of a city, cities must grow to maintain health - Why Not o Increased gangs, crime, pollution, congestion, lack of available infrastructure - How o Growth does not create new jobs, rather redistributes them across the country/region o Annexation OTHER READINGS - San Leandro vs. Fremont (author, Self) - St. Louis vs. Chicago - CA – fiscalization of land use FREUND – MARKETING THE FREE MARKET - Who o Blacks, whites, developers, FHA - What o The free market as an excuse for racial segregation in the suburbs o Take it away from policy issues and blame it on the market - When o Post WWII suburbia - Where - Why o For a neighborhood to retain stability, it is necessary for a property to be occupied by a single social / racial class. - How o Restrictive housing covenants o FHA / HOLC loans o Red-lining
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HIRSCH – LESS THAN PLESSY - Who o Blacks, whites, Eisenhower administration, housing and home finance agency (HHFA) - What o Plessy v. Ferguson (mandated separate but equal)
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PPD245_Midterm_Readings - PPD245 Midterm Readings(IMPORTANT...

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