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PPD 225 Interview

PPD 225 Interview - When he was a young boy XXYY used to...

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When he was a young boy, XXYY “used to see the motorcycle cop on the way home from school and thought it was the coolest thing in the world”. Growing up, he always thought about being a police officer, but he didn’t think he would actually become one. After a friend of his entered the Police Academy, he considered it more and more, and his friend got him really involved, and he really “sparked” to it. After fifteen years of police work and continuing training in the Monrovia Police Department, Officer XXYY says this is “absolutely the best career for me”. I chose to interview this subject for my assignment because he has a lot of experience in the field, but even more so because of the complexity entailed in his job. Now that he is a detective, XXYY’s unique position involves a combination of field and office work throughout each working day. He states that his main goal everyday is time management, and I learned that a lot of thought goes into every move he makes in order to use his time most efficiently. As a detective, he is a man who must exhibit sharpness while cracking a case at the station or in a hearing with a district attorney and courage when in the streets. While I’m not sure about which exact field of work I would like to get involved in, I do know that I’d like to engage myself in a combination of office and field work as well. Another reason XXYY was the perfect candidate for this interview was his passion. I am grateful for my interview with XXYY, as I learned a lot. The first thing we discussed were the requirements for becoming a police officer. To become a police officer you need a high school education and you need to enter the police academy. However, not just anyone can enroll in the academy; everyone must complete a full background check including a sixteen-page background packet, which inquires about everyone you know, every place you’ve been to, every school attended,
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etc. Also, psychological tests are conducted. These tests are less concerned with sanity than they are with suitability. XXYY explained that such tests are necessary in order to see what job one might be “suited” for. One person might be perfect for watching gages all day; another might be more fitting in a job where s/he is dealing with people. Another component is the polygraph testing.
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PPD 225 Interview - When he was a young boy XXYY used to...

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